gallery Stone Circles

Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author and Artist

Everyone loves a mystery, right?
And what is more mysterious than a 5,000 year old structure, built by our neolithic ancestors?
There are hundreds of stone circles, cairns, standing stones and structures around. Most are in Northern Europe, but they are found all over the world. No one is certain why they were built, though there is approximately one theory for every person who thinks about it.
A celestial calendar. An altar for sacrifice. A meeting place. A ceremonial center. I’ve even seen the theory of a marketplace. Sure, why not? Where else would you sell your veggies but the stone lintels of Stonehenge?
I’ve been lucky enough to travel and visit over 40 different neolithic stone structures, and hope to see more. Each one has it’s own feel, personality, and energy. If you’re truly lucky, you can find one when there is no one else about, and feel the…

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