Bertha Lum (1869-1954)

About Art Nouveau

1912 Pines by the Sea - Bertha Lum 1912 Pines by the Sea – Bertha Lum

Art Nouveau was heavily inspired by Japanese Art, and in particular by Japanese Wood Block Prints; it was just last year when I wrote about this phenomenon called Japonism in my post on Siegfried Bing. And because my Journey into Art Nouveau still continues, I discover something new every day. Today I discovered Bertha Lum…

Bertha Lum (1869 – 1954)

Bertha Boynton Bull was born May 1869 in Tipton, Iowa. Her father, Joseph W. Bull (1841–1923), a lawyer, and her mother Harriet Ann Boynton (1842–1925) were both amateur artists.

In 1885, Bertha attended the Art Institute of Chicago for one year focusing on design. A few years later she studied stained glass with Anne Weston and illustration with Frank Holme. Her aesthetic sensibilities were further shaped by the display of Japanese prints at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and by Arthur Wesley Dow’s influential textbook Composition

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