gallery ELF-LOCKS, FAIRY-lOCKS, WITCH’S KNOTS, DRUID-LOCKS and DREADLOCKS – The Cultivation of the Wild Woman Spirit – Can Hair Mirror the Soul?

Alison 'Tribal' Brierley

Cultivating the Wild Woman Spirit – Can Hair Mirror the Soul?”

Some may think the title of this blog is a bit bonkers!  Maybe it is.

Is it as barmy as destroying ones almost waist-length, top condition, socially acceptable, naturally beautiful crowning glory?


Well… I did.

It takes courage and a free spirit to toss aside the pressures of our culture, and embrace who we in our hearts.


Tribal Ali by Casey Orr photograher 2 year old dreads – Tribal Ali by Casey Orr photograher


A teeny bit of history and folk-lore first…


When young children, especially girls, wake from an evening’s slumber with tangles and snarls in their hair, mothers with a tradition of  fairy folklore might whisper to their daughters that they had caught fairy locks or elf-locks.

Fairies, they say, tangled and knotted the hairs of the sleeping children as they played in and out of their hair at night.



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