‘Look Outwards, Not Inwards’ – Finally, a Womens’ Magazine For the Real World

Amy Jardine


Reading, eating, sleeping: are these not the very foundations of wellbeing? Most else, I could take or leave (exercising is only for emergencies; handsome lovers and disco dancing and holidays in sunny places are the extras we get if we’re lucky and/or persistent).

As a kid I avidly read cereal boxes at the breakfast table when I didn’t have a book handy. I devoured all the writing I could get my hands on. As a teenager I was very keen to get my mitts on teen magazines, with their provocative chat about make-up, shopping, and oh my, dating boys.

547b58e7ce62d8651c0458b3f5650853 Seventeen magazine, a 1990s girl’s dream.

Magazines were my main love. When studying literature, I worked doggedly through reading lists of Important and Serious Books, but in my spare time I read all kinds of magazines indiscriminately. National Geographic, Vice, Arena, and New Scientist made up my motley reading habits…

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